First blog post


 Challenging day- to start this way -upward and downward I go.

I’ve got my post and will make the most …easiest way to grow.

Step by step (like it or not), wish I could be there now.

 Wait, where would I go?  if  not by steps, I might miss something I kneed to know 


Starting with a poem that just came out – expressing  my frustration with starting a blog.   It is “suppose to be”  –  just a simple little “free and easy”  blog.  A blog to express myself!  A blog… to learn, to grow, and to… NOT  take up too much  T-I-M-E.

    Ha, aren’t I already old enough?    (Meaning:  “haven’t  I grown enough” ), and why is the time passing by so fast and causing me  much stress????    The  (Mind) slows  me in creation with it’s chatter of (the clock, the clock, the clock, what time is it, hurry, hurry, hurry.)   Hurrying does NOT make MORE.   Hurry just causes stress.

So there are several things in here… that I contemplate.

  • stress: what is really causing my stress? (there is a lot more here).
  • the mind:  and how it slows,blocks,programs, and talks louder than the heart.
  • time:  what is it anyway, and how I let it bother me.
  • creativity:  it needs and requires t-i-m-e,  growth, relationship and  contact to really let it work thru me.   It produces sometimes at will, and sometimes with force.(especially when there is a learning curve).  (I could write a lot more here too, as it is such a good topic, so etherical, abstract and is defined in the eye of the beholder.)
  • Learning curves:  sometimes they feel so slow, and I want it on a silver platter, faster (are we there yet?) (infantile thoughts creep in here….)
  • growth:  love it! However, I prefer to call it expansion. Expansion is bittersweet, and sometimes it just plain hurts..
  • Going too  Fast -vs- slowing down:   slow and steady wins the race….  the heart -vs- the mind.  Do I really get more done??  Prioritizing not multitasking (which is really just like ADD).   This is where it is important to be mindful and BE WHERE U ARE., instead of in two places at once.  Doing one thing at a time is good.
  • Heart:  where we all want to come from.  Authentic, Real, Love, Truth, Care, and Giving…. It is the Rhythm, flow,  Divine Cosmic Beat.   When I tap in here I feel in the zone, ooooh so good.   This is my art place when my heart and imagination meet.

Lets make a list and forget about it!    I did my first blog !!!   So now, I want to go play drums!     Bye for now.


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