What do you think of when you read the word STRESS?     Does thinking about stress cause you more stress because your not suppose to have it, but you do?  Stressed because you don’t know how to get rid of it?  Worried because of what it is doing to your body?  Are you experiencing an intensity in your body by not knowing how to turn it off?  No worries….realize….

Close your eyes and tap into the stress.   Where is it really coming from?  Is it really yours?  Is what your stressed about worth the energy?      What do you want instead?   Can you choose something else?   Maybe the word “stress” is tied into an emotion (feeling),  a pressured experience, linked up in  the thinking…  Causing endorphin-like chemicals to be released and therefore affecting  physical/mental/emotional conditions.  What if you changed your thinking, would not that change your experience?

Perhaps the worries are illusive  (and when compressed  with the concepts of time, deadlines, or thoughts like “what would people think”,)  they expand to more than what they really are?

Look at the picture of this bridge does it look  like choice?    There are two sides, and a crossing over the waters (emotions) to a different point of view.  Perhaps two opposing views that cause internal (in the middle) conflict?   One way to sort it out is to determine if the stress is  internal  or external?  One example of internal stress can be when there are two opposing views living in the body (head and heart).  Where is the middle?   Could this be the stress?   Just not choosing?  Not sorting? Being to busy?   Only you will know.    Here is a link you might like.

Stress Quiz: Test Your Emotional IQ


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